Liqflow A/S has not endeavored to find the market's cheapest products. On the other hand, our innovative products will enable us to make the most reliable, economical and optimal solution for you when looking at the overall project.
We deal with what we are experts in and therefore have the best opportunity to guide you to the optimal solution.

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OGP Two-Stage Grinder Pumps

OGP pump, with the patented two-stage Vortex grinder pump principle makes it possible to achieve a head of about 60 mVs in continuous operation, with a 1.5 kW motor. This makes the pump especially suited for pressure sewer systems in sparsely populated areas.

ØkoTran Pump Stations

The ØkoTran system can be used wherever septic tanks are used today. The waste water is collected in the container and pumped through pipelines down to Ø32 mm to the nearest municipal waste water network. This ensures that wastewater is cleaned under optimal conditions at a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

OGT Grinder Pumps

The one and only grinder pump for pressure sewer systems with 20 years lifetime * and no scheduled maintenance. With the use of innovative and advanced technology, the OGT grinder pump is built for continuous operation, with versatility to adapt to the actual pressure in any pressure sewer systems.

OGT Replacement Pumps

The one and only grinder pump for Pressure Sewer Systems with 20 years lifetime * and no scheduled maintenance. For the first time, it is now possible to replace an excenter screw grinder pump directly with a centrifugal grinder pump.

UNIQA Only for Professionals

UNIQA models are designed to provide the best performance for the operating point, with energy savings guaranteed by efficiency class IE3 engines and high performance hydraulics.

Available in sizes from DN50 to DN600 and from 3 to 355 kW

ESPS Level Sensors

Liqflows ESPS™ (Environmental Sealed Pressure Switch) er en automatisk trykafhængig niveau styring. Den hermetisk lukkede tryksensor, er specielt designet til at yde en pålidelig niveau styring i tryksatte spildevandssystemer. Ingen bevægelige dele, og derfor ideel til små pumpestationer, hvor pladsen er lille.

Liqflow wastewater pumps

Liqflow wastewater pumps are a series of wastewater pumps, for automatic/manual operation. The pumps can be used in many different applications. Eg. pumping of aggressive fluids, sewage, drainage, surface water, etc.

Cornell Pumps

Cornell's pumps are designed and built for the roughest and toughest industries: Agriculture, contractors, process industry, rental and municipal sewage installations. With over 60 years of experience and reliability, Cornell Pumps are in demand for their quality, reliability, and outstanding performance.