ØkoTran ™ comes standard with our unique two-stage vortex grinder pump. With the unique lifting height of the pump, it is now possible to optimize the dimension of the pressure pipe, so that the retention time for the wastewater is minimized and the development of hydrogen sulfide is avoided or minimized. The pump's performance also means that the required speed in the pressure pipe is maintained, even with only one pump in operation.

The pump's design and performance means:

  • Optimal hydraulic design of the pressure sewer system
  • Lower construction costs
  • None intermediate pumping stations.
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower operating costs

Construction details

  1. COVER. Lockable hinged plastic cover that naturally falls into the surroundings.
  2. NON RETURN VALVE. AVK stainless steel non return ball valve.
  3. BRACKET. Stainless steel AISI 316, suspension bracket.
  4. PUMP PIT. Rotation molded modular pump pit made with a Ø600 mm tube from the pan-shaped pump sump. The pump pit are molded as one unit. The standard height is 2.2 m. And the pit is assembled and tested from the factory. The modular ØkoTran ™ pumping station is delivered at the height that suits your task, up to 3,6 m.
  5. LEVEL SENSOR. ESPS ™ - Automatic pressure dependent level control, including start, stop and alarm level contacts. Eliminates fat build-up problems in the pump pit. No need for adjustments of start, stop and alarm levels.
  6. INLET. Optional placement of 8 inlets places. The completion is sealed with an Insitu seal for Ø110 or Ø160 mm PVC inlet.
  7. PUMP. Two-stage Vortex grinder pump, 1.5 kW with up to 60 m head and 1.8 l/s.
  8. PUMP SUMP. The rotation molded pump sump has a diameter of Ø1000 mm, and with the pan-shaped construction it is the optimum solution for shape stability and the ability to keep free for deposits.
  9. COUPLING. The pressure pipe from the pump, and the discharge pipe is connected through a stainless steel Camelot coupling.
  10. SHUT-OFF VALVE. Stainless steel ball valve for closing of the discharge pipe.
  11. INTERNAL PRESSURE PIPE. Stainless steel AISI 316, 1 1/4" pressure pipe. Discharge connection is a 1 1/4" thread.
  12. ANTI-SIPHON RECIRCULATION VALVE. Protects against negative lifting height and ensures that the well is not emptied and air pockets occur in the pump housing.

Technical data

ØkoTran Performance curve