Why use ØkoTran pressure sewer systems?

ØkoTran pressure sewer systems are an effective way of transporting wastewater from private properties located in the open country.

The ØkoTran system can be used wherever septic tanks are used today. The waste water is collected in the pump pit and pumped through pipelines down to Ø32 mm to the nearest municipal sewage network. This ensures that wastewater is cleaned under optimal conditions at a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

This will help to ensure the quality of groundwater, streams and lakes also for the next generations.

We want to drink clean groundwater - not cleaned groundwater

Did you know:
Only with our high-pressure two-stage Vortex OGP grinder pumps, you have the option of making pressure sewer systems in the open country, with the same pump everywhere. The OGP grinder pump is the first two-stage Vortex grinder pump in the world. This is specially developed for pressure sewer systems, and designed for a long and reliable life.

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