Liqflows ESPS™ (Environmental Sealed Pressure Switch) is a highly dependable unitized level control designed specifically for used with standardized low pressure sewer packaged systems. No moving parts, and therefore ideal for small pump stations where the space is small.

Did you know:

The ESPS level sensors can be used for all kind of pumps, and is able to replace both float switches and electrodes. The ESPS level sensor is designed specifically for use with standardized low pressure sewer packaged systems, and for a long and designed for a long and reliable life.

Design Features

  • Pressure switch parts are protected from the basin environment with a exclusive sealed design.
  • Slim, rigid column with NO moving parts. Unit is unaffected by solids, grease build up, or liquid swirling in basin.
  • Compatible with standard Float Switch installation. Mounts easily in current engineered basins with a rail system using a heavy duty slide bracket.
  • NO field adjustment required because operating levels are factory preset. 
  • Exclusive quick connect power cord seals tight and reduces strain.
  • Double overflow protection with separate air bells for operating control and high level alarm.
  • Self compensating design eliminates the need for external pressure relief tubes or bulky bladders.
  • Closed valve protection with an internally mounted high temperature cut off switch.
  • Save time and money! No control panel required with the Simplex Automatic Version.

Available variants

  • ESPS100: Control panel version for one pump
  • ESPS200: Control panel version for two pumps
  • ESPS150: Automatic version for one pump (Eliminate the need for expensive control panels.)