Liqflow offers the patented, innovative two-stage Vortex grinder pump for pumping unclean sewage into pressure sewer systems.

The OGP pump, with the patented two-stage Vortex grinder pump principle, enables a lifting height of over 60 mVs with continuous operation, with a 1.5 kW motor. This makes the pump especially suitable for pressure sewer systems in sparsely populated areas.

The pump is delivered in complete mini pump stations, called ØkoTran, specially designed for pressure sewer systems, to be used eg. on the country side, smaller villages, cottage areas and colony gardens.

A superior lifting height

The unique two-step friction boom hydraulics allow the OGP pump, with a 1.5 kW engine, to achieve a lifting height of more than 60 mVs. Therefore it is now possible to drain where it has not been possible before or economically viable.

Did you know:
Only with our high-pressure two-stage Vortex OGP grinder pumps, you have the option of making pressure sewer systems in the open country, with the same pump everywhere. The OGP grinder pump is the first two-stage Vortex grinder pump in the world. This is specially developed for pressure sewer systems, and designed for a long and reliable life.

OGP Performance

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