Materials of construction and performance highlights:
SITHE chopper pumps solve clogging with an innovative, unique, first-of-its-kind, patented chopping technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in waste water. SITHE chopper pumps easily chop and pass solids like plastic bottles, wipes, mop heads, rags, nylon rods, wood dowels, baseballs, pillows and literally any solid in the waste stream.

SITHE provides value to customers in the form of market distinguishing features like open center cutter design, field replaceable heat treated blades, plug-n-play cord, liquid cooled motor and large lifting bails. Available in both standard and explosion proof designs, SITHE chopper pumps are offered from 1,5 kW til 75 kW in DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200 og DN250 discharge sizes.

Performance highlights:

Model Max flow  Max head
3SC & 3XSC          90 m3/h                15 m
4SC & 4XSC        170 m3/h                42 m
6SC & 6XSC        375 m3/h                35 m
8SC & 8XSC        650 m3/h                22 m
10SC & 10XSC        850 m3/h                33 m